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Information of interest

Information of interest

I, Maria, welcome you to the AURELIA ANTICA apartments and to our ST. Peter HOME.

I am at your disposal to answer any questions or help you in any way possible.

You are very important to us, and we work with eagerness so that upon arrival everything is in perfect condition.

To resolve any incident that may arise at the establishment during your stay, my phone will always be operational to assist you and offer you support. Never hesitate to contact me.

Upon your departure, I’d appreciate you evaluating your stay. Ratings are very important to us and to other guests over time, as they use them as a reference. Your input on how to better ourselves every day is always welcome.

It’s a pleasure for me to share my houses with you and I hope you enjoy them!

Thank you very much for choosing us.

About our accommodations



You will receive the information needed to check in via email at least 3 days before your arrival.

You must fill out all personal data (including everyone housed during the stay). This data is required by the authorities of our country, so they must be filled out according to your identification document or passport.

Upon your arrival to the establishment, at the address that appears in your confirmation details, you will be able access the establishment with a 4-number digital code: IT WILL ALWAYS CORRESPOND WITH THE LAST 4 DIGITS OF THE TELEPHONE NUMBERS PROVIDED TO US DURING THE RESERVATION.

Apartments rules

Our guests always find the apartment in perfect condition on their arrival: clean premises and all the appliances working properly. If there is any problem during your stay, we will try to solve it immediately, whenever possible.

On arrival the guests will be showed the premises, and then they will receive a document with the apartment rules. When registration form is signed, it is understood that the rules are being accepted.

Payment must be generally fulfilled on arrival- However, depending on the way the booking is made; other payment arrangements can be made.

Check-in time is 16:30 on the first day of the booking (unless a different agreement is made) and check-out time is 11:30 on departure day. If the guests fail to leave the room on time, we understand that they are extending their booking and extra night. Any delay to checked-out that causes a problem for the next check-in will result in an extra night charged on the customer´s credit card.

TV and Wi-Fi services are subject to the provider´s technical conditions. Aurelia Antica is not responsible for any interruption that may happen or for the quality of the signal.

It will not be necessary to check if the apartment is in good condition before the guests leave. It is guests´ responsibility to communicate any damage caused to the premises, the furniture or the utensils available to make the stay more comfortable.In the event of theft or loss, or damage, management reserves the right to take the amount of money to cover for the damages from the credit card used to secure the booking.

When booking directly with us, our guest will be required to pay 50% of the price of their entire stay in advanced, unless other arrangements have been made. This amount will be deduced from the total amount when they make the final payment.

This deposit does not mean that half of the stay has been paid for; it is only taken to secure your booking. If the booking is made through a third-party website, the guests must follow the rules they have established.

The property owner reserves the right of admission.

In the event of cancellation, an individualized cancellation fee based on booking option and rate will be required.

The deposit made to secure the booking will be refunded within 48 hours, once the cancellation fee has been deduced from it.

The owner reserves the right to offer a gift voucher for the amount paid for the booking,

If deemed appropriate, guests will be asked to pay a deposit prior to arrival which will be refunded within 48 hours , when applicable, after checking the apartment once the guests have left.

Guests must declare the exact amount of people staying in the apartment, including children. The owner reserves the right to refuse admission of those guests who have not been declared. It is prohibited to accommodate more guests that the capacity legally established.

Guests must refrain from making loud noises or playing loud music which could disturb the peace in the building. If there is founded complains in the building, guests could be asked to vacate the apartment.

It is prohibited for guests:

To introduce furniture, sleeping bags or airbeds in the apartment, as well as to try to make any type of repair in the premises without the authorization of the owner.

To sublet the apartment or to use it for a purpose other than the established.

To introduce in the apartment explosive or flammable materials and substances that can cause any damage to other local residents.

To use of appliances that can alter the foreseen electricity consumption, as well as to unplug any of the appliances that guests will find in the apartments. These actions could disturb the guest staying in the other apartments, since some of the connections are common for both apartments.

To smoke in the premises

To bring pets into the apartment

Good practice manual

We are especially conscious about the environment and we firmly believe that frequently repeated behaviours are learned rather than innate.

We try to keep this in mind all the time and do our bit in order to have a better world. This is the reason why we would like to integrate and share some energy efficiency and sustainability criteria. Most of you, our guests, are also sensible and conscious about the environment, so we should all try to:


For all these reasons we would really appreciate our guests to follow some particular recommendations which would really make a difference in order to keep the premises in good condition and, therefore, reducing the environmental impact.

As the house is a wood-frame building, high heels and any footwear that can make noise when wearing them, should be left at the entrance, instead of wearing them inside the house.

Heavy suitcases should not be taken upstairs as they could damage the wooden steps. If you rather have them in the bedroom, please make sure someone else helps you, so the suitcase does not touch the steps.

The apartments have a privileged location, the historic part of the city. For this reason renovations are restricted. We were not allowed to install and air conditioning system because it would have altered relevant and original features according to the traditional standards in this area. But the thickness of the stone walls and the new windows and blinds should guarantee thermal insulation. Windows should only be opened early in the morning; this will help to keep the house fresh and comfortable.


Our guests will find the best energyefficient appliances and lighting (LED) in the apartment. We would like to ask our guest to turn off the lights in rooms when not being used, as well as making sure that all the lights are off when they leave the house.


It is not a never-ending resource, please use it consciously. Turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth or washing your hands Please do not flush waste down the toilet, it should go into the rubbish. Try to take s h o r t e r showers. All these little things make a difference.


We would like you to follow the same routine as if you were at home. We have a fast and effective system, so please do not keep it on while you are not in the house, it will only take about 15 minutes for the house to reach the right temperature if you switch it on when you arrive. We would like to ask you o switch it off while you are in bed, for safety reasons. Please also switch it off when you check out. And last but not the least; please keep the windows closed when the heating is on.


It is a social responsibility. Please keep in mind the three R ́s rule: reduce, reuse and recycle so you give the waste a whole new life. Colour-coded containers are available to make recycling easier for you.

OUR SUCCESS ON THIS PROJECT DEPENDS ON OUR GUESTS. We would love to be able to share it with you all.


Km 0 products

When you stay with us, you will find in the apartments some products for your breakfast. Buying and consuming Km0 products is very important for us.

When we speak about km0 or short chain products we refer to those ones that are produced and sold close to our apartments. By using these products we are not only supporting the local economy, but also reducing the energetic cost of transport.

We are lucky to be 200 metres away from one of the most popular local markets. It is a reference market not only in the city, but in the whole region, Galicia. We are talking about ABASTOS.

We are conscious about the environment and we would like to share some thoughts with you all:

  • Although international trade has made possible for us consumers to have a great choice of products within reach, it has also contributed to the emission of carbon dioxide due to the transport
  • Packaging used for the distribution is also more complex when we talk about long-distance transport, so international transport increases the amount of waste produced.
  • In economic terms, seasonal and local products reduce significantly the production costs (packaging, storage, transportation…)
  • It also shortens the chain, there is a direct relationship between the producer and the consumer and the amount of intermediaries is considerably reduced.

Nowadays, consumers are more conscious and they have more information about the products they buy. Price is not the only thing they take into consideration; they like to know about nutrition, food safety, as well as production methods and places of production.

What are the benefits of buying local?

  • We know the products come from, the quality of the product is higher and it is safer. Short chain products are healthier, tastier and they offer a higher nutritional intake as they keep all the nutrients intact in food.
  • We are helping to create a sustainable environment, as we reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and the energetic costs due to the transport
  • We are supporting the local economy, as little family farms, stopping their owners from abandoning their lands.
  • We are respecting biodiversity and keeping some endangered local species from becoming extinct
Services on our street

Walking in Rúa de San Pedro

In our street we have all the stores,

  • SUPERMARKET DIA: In the square at the end of the street.
  • CHURRERÍA SAN PEDRO: San Pedro n.º 121
  • FRUIT STORE MARI CARMEN: San Pedro n.º 98
  • PHARMACY ANA CELIA CONDE: San Pedro n.º 61
  • ICE CREAM SHOP XEARTE: San Pedro n.º 70
  • HABERDASHERY LUISA: San Pedro n.º 53
  • BARBERSHOP MILENIO: San Pedro n.º 9
  • HAIRDRESSING CRIKAS: Ruela de Fontiñas, 1
  • BAKERY / PASTRY – CAYLO: Virxen da Cerca, 12, Telf. 981 586031

Our recommend you

Our Favorites Places
  • A MOA Rúa de San Pedro, 32
    Telf 981 071818
  • PAMPIN BAR Ruela das Fontiñas, 4
    Telf 981 116784
  • A MACETA Rúa de San Pedro, 120
    Telf 981 589600
  • ABASTOS 2.0 Plaza de Abastos, Rúa das Ameas, 13-18
    Telf 981 576145
  • A HORTA D’OBRADOIRO Rúa das Hortas, 16
    Telf 881 031375
  • A BARROLA Rúa do Franco, 29
    Telf. 981 577999
  • MARISCOMANIA Plaza de Abastos -NAVE 5
    (Go before 11:00 in the morning to make the purchase) They cook for you
    Telf 981 560982
To snack
  • MERCADO LA GALICIANA Rúa Gómez Ulla, 1
  • LA FLOR Casas Reais, 25
    Telf. 981 556344
  • LOS SOBRINOS DEL PADRE Rúa da Fonte de San Miguel 6
    Telf 981 583566
    Rúa do Villar 52
    Telf 881 031386
    Plaza de Galicia, 3
    Telf. 981 939498
    Rúa do Villar, 35
    Telf. 981 577503
  • HOTEL COSTA VELLA Rúa da Porta da Pena, 17
    Telf. 981 569530
  • EL MOMO Virxe da Cerca, 23
  • VAOVA GIN CLUB Rúa da Algalia de Arriba, 18

Other information

Complaint forms

Aurelia Antica is a legal establishment that complies with the regulations guaranteeing the rights of users and consumers. Our aim is to offer you a perfect stay, but if we ever fail, we inform you that complaint forms are available on request.

Clinical Hospital and Radio Taxi


See in Google Maps

RADIO TAXI: Telf 981 569292


Before check out !

  1. 1. Close all the windows.
  2. 2. Turn off all the lights at home.
  3. 3. Check that all taps are closed.
  4. 4. No leave the keys in the door.


Additional services are available upon request.
Please email me and I will give you more information.

(At least 72 hours upon arrival)

In our house

A private gourmet dinner?
We can organize it
in the Rúa do Medio Aptm.

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