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About me

About me

Hello, my name is María,

Please make yourself at home, sit and even take off your shoes if you feel like it.

This is your home!

So you are in the right place to relax.
I love creating and building, this is not my first project in the hotel sector and when it landed in my hands it needed a major rehabilitation. After two years of paperwork, and one year of construction works, we have, as a result, a new three story house.

I know that you will feel like at home because that is what I intended..

I have designed two apartments where comfort and large spaces are specially relevant and while trying not to miss any detail. I have paid special attention to every detail in the interior design of the flat and I am extremely pleased with the result. Along the process, I have also kept in mind the needs that a family, a group of friends or couple may have. The only thing you need to do is enjoy while you are staying here.

Either if this is your first visit or not, Santiago is always a challenge… And my main aim is to meet your expectations.
I want to be flexible and innovative, that is the way I like to work. After your stay, I appreciate any suggestions about your experience and my performance. I am open to any ideas meaning that we are improving day by day.

I am trustworthy, efficient and a professional, which is not incompatible with a friendly, customized and detailed attention.

I want you and your travelling companions to really enjoy your trip, to feel at home in my house, that will be yours for a few days.

Keep in mind that you can contact me any time by phone to answer any questions as well as to help you while you stay in Compostela.

If you need further information about the establishment and the city, just to click on the different links to learn more about us. And if you want to come and make the most of your visit to this amazing city, you only need to click on book.
Thanks a lot!


Additional services are available upon request.
Please email me and I will give you more information.

(At least 72 hours upon arrival)

In our house

A private gourmet dinner?
We can organize it
in the Rúa do Medio Aptm.

The best guide

A tour around the city?
A private shuttler?
Booking the “Botafumeiro”?

Relaxing at the end of the Way?

Booking a spa day?
Looking for health resort?
A massage?

Looking a trustworthy service? Craving something sweet?

Do you need a babysitter?
Do you need someone to do the shopping for you?
A birthday cake?