Rúa San Pedro Apartament - Aurelia Antica
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Rúa San Pedro Apartament

Rúa San Pedro Apartament

It is located on the ground floor of the house.

The apartment is 62 square meters; there is a living room with a sofa bed and an open concept kitchen, a double room and a bathroom.
It is equipped with a flat screen TV, central heating, shower, hairdryer, microwave, fridge and a wide range of small kitchen appliances. Bedroom, bath and table linen as well as kitchen utensils are also available at the guests convenience.

It has a warm and welcoming interior design, while mixing modern and traditional elements. It respects the traditional thickness of walls as well as the original design of the main entrance door, matching the ones in the neighbourhood where it is located. Its dutch door makes all guests fall in love with the place.

It is located at 13 Rúa San Pedro.

If you book directly on our website, you will enjoy a complimentary and DELICIOUS BREAKFAST

No extra cost for you. Breakfast included.


Additional services are available upon request.
Please email me and I will give you more information.

(At least 72 hours upon arrival)

In our house

A private gourmet dinner?
We can organize it
in the Rúa do Medio Aptm.

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