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Author: Tina

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Today I am going to tell you about the Pilgrims´ritual, those which traditionally take place...

As soon as you get here, I welcome you and I always ask you if it is your first time in the city. Right away I show you on a map how to find your way to the Cathedral and the magnificent squares surrounding it, which are the heart of the historic part of the city. You can also admire those images on the pictures hanging on the walls of the Rúa do Medio duplex, which were painted by the father of a friend. They show the grandiosity of the medieval historic part of the city.
  Since we started talking about the Cathedral on our first entry, the buildings surrounding it well deserve the second one when introducing this city. Only 480 meters straight ahead from the house, we can find Praza de Obradoiro surrounded by important buildings.  It won´t be difficult to leave our comfortable facilities, because it is just a short walk along charming little streets. 
Excitement, nerves, enthusiasm… That is how I feel today! Please let me dedicate this first entry on the website to the Cathedral. It has almost been 2,000 years since it all started… St. James the Greater was executed in Palestine in the year 44. His followers decided to bury him far from there and set off on a journey to the End of the World! And exactly there is where we want to bring to discover this city and make the most of your stay. Aurelia Antíca Apartments are the perfect location to start this adventure. Come, make yourself at home and discover it.